Vinyl tablecloth..........

Vinyl tablecloth,sounds awful doesn't it. Generally they are bad. But I do have a certain fascination with the ones that imitate lace.
Do you know which ones I mean? Some of them are truly horrific and they also come in table mats and doilies.
Anyway I had a few metres of it stashed away and it caught my eye the other day so I played around with it.
I think the thing that draws me to it it is that it reminds me of the tablecloths from church growing up and the doilies remind me of collars and halos on religious souvenirs.
It is a little tricky to sew but backed with a strong cotton it holds it shape well.

I made this little fellow from it....

I feel minature victorian collars coming on........
Where are those cats.....


  1. that great.
    I like it!

    greatings send you Conny

  2. Love it!
    Does that mean it's wipe cleanable?
    Poor cats, they were never meant to be models....or wear collars LOL!

    Sandie xx

  3. So beautiful! Everything you have made and shared on this blog is fantastic!

  4. What a great way to use the naff vynyl! youve given it dignity! I really like the way you include the 'armour' cladding too, a natty use of teaspoons!

  5. You have transformed the lowly vinyl into a stunning beautiful butterfly. Blissful...

  6. I use the plastic yucky-lace-stuff for spraying ink makes a lovely lace-effect stencil! :-)

  7. you were even able to tea stain it? awesome


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