Is it Spring yet.......?

Is it Spring yet the other day I saw daffodils....So that means it is ...yes?
Anyway its that time of year then to dig out my little or maybe not so little bulb fellows!!
OK well I have one left the others have gone to pastures new.
This one I kept for myself and hes mine.
I hope the weather is changing for the better where you are...?
Its a bright clear day here which is wonderful and yesterday I sorted out my studio-again...
So I have a clean desk and a well lit room.
Its been a weird start to the new year but I think everyone goes through it in there own way.
Endless colds and that feeling of being washed out.
May my over sized textile bulb remind you that there are always new things waiting to bursts through.
Sometimes you just have to wait for a little snow to melt.


  1. Oh wow....what fun!
    Do you have an amarylis in the various growth stages to insert in it then, as the weeks go by? lol

  2. What a perfect reminder of the promise of Spring! I love the display you've crafted. I can only imagine what splendor will issue forth from this fabulous bulb!

  3. well, we have 3 more months of snow up here, but your bulb is fantastic! i'm intrigued to hear what the leaves are made of...?

  4. Wonderful! Imagine the size of the flower and the perfume if it was a real daffy bulb LOL!
    I once made a whole load of Garlic bulbs from paper,polyester wadding, string and wire/glue....I must admit, they were very realistic but, all that f****ing about put me off making any more!
    The instructions were in 'Crafts Beautiful' mag from the early 1990's.

    Spring by the way, is just around the corner....

    Sandie xx


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