1. Do you really mean 5 Stone???? How many MILLIONS of times have I told you not to exaggerate?! LOL!
    Funny, I really fancy mince pies, cold with ice cream in the Warmer months...each to their own!

    If you are 'sick', then you are a ver talented 'sick' person!!!

    The parrots are brilliant, esp the red one!
    Don't cost anything to feed and don't really need a cage either....


    Sandie xx

  2. I like the red one especially, maybe because of the heart (for a part). I mean there's a kind of mysterious dialogue between it (the one who sent it) and the bird which doesn't seem to be so dead (I unfortunatly find dead birds sometimes - the cats are happy! - and there are not like this...). ;-)

    Bonne Année de France! :-)

  3. Sounds like you really have been VERY festive....5 stone....I would swap something soon before cholesterol overload...or it won't just be dead parrots decorating your studio and I bet you wouldn't look half as good as they do on your back with your feet curled up!
    Love your birds so much, you have toooo much talent to make anything horrid, don't read anything nasty, just delete it. xxxxx
    Hugs Lynn xxxx

  4. ha ha ... I discovered cold christmas pudding and wensleydale cheese this year. Fatal. *thinks ... have spare pudding in cupboard ... breakfast? ...

    Anyway. Yeah, why do you make dead things you weirdo? LOL ...

    Love the birds ... that red boy is so tragic .. wonderful stuff. I love their little armoured chests ...

    Happy New Year Finch, may it be full of dead things ... the exercise sewing machine is a genius idea ... go to the Dragon's Den man ...

  5. Thanks for all replying!
    Ok maybe Ive not put on quite 5 stone but you know when you see a very unflattering photo of yourself. Well enough said. Plus the words Fat Finch go to easily together for my liking.
    More birds to follow soon as Im in the dead bird zone at the moment.
    Best wishes everyone.

  6. Theres something sentimental and evocative about your dead birds.....Ive mentioned them on my blog and asked folks to pop over to yours to see them, since I liked them so much.
    I also said I loved your Zorrow like rabbits too............Thankfully gaining 5 st (.....Really?)hasnt altered your creative flair!

  7. I'm a new follower to your blog, after discovering your truly amazing work on Etsy. It's just awesome and I love your way of working. This post is highly amusing. Now how long did it take you really to put on 5 stone? What a load of poppycock. ;D Just get up and go for a run in the morning and eat bananas instead of chocolates. ;D As long as you are full of inspiration to make things it's wonderful. Maybe if you changed up your diet your birds would come alive. ;D Looking forward to seeing what you make next! x

  8. Oh ps, check out this innovative fellow.

  9. I also discovered you on Etsy, and one of your bird sculptures was my first exposure. It evoked a lot of different emotions for me as a human and as an artist, including bringing back childhood memories. I find them poignantly beautiful and incredibly unique. Those who complain either lead a very shallow and unconnected existence, or just need a lot more hugs. ;)

    (And do share if you come up with something for us relatively stationary artists who need to shed a little extra "padding".)

    Your work is a wonderful gift.


  10. Just taking a look at your blog, and these lovely little birds are amazing, my daughter absolutely loves them and needs them all!. Keep them coming. Julie xxx

  11. Just found you this morning via FaceBook. Love your work. I really like taxidermy, we have a company next door who hires it ... spend too much time in there hugging bears and patting foxes! Anyway your work is extraordinary and hope to own some of it one day.
    A wonderful gift keep making and creating.
    I sent you a contact ref: fabrics.Tina


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