Grey Spider...............

Today took a break from owl making to finish off this spider.
I was going to keep him but I have to be sensible and let things go.
His engraving reads....'Illusions are by their nature sweet....'
Its a line from one of most favourite films Dangerous Liasons'
This fur is very short and has a grain that goes in different directions.
I only had a small amount of it from a sample book.
Just enough for a spider.
If anyone recognises it or if it has a certain name I would be grateful.
Its not the most amazing fabric ever but it does lend itself perfectly to little spiders.


  1. It looks abit like crushed as much as the pile is skew whiffy and yes, its perfect for your spiders! Our Scrapstore gets alot of sample books in, fabrics, wallpaper and will keep an eye out for you.
    And if you dont already use a Scrapstore, check to see if there is one around about.....Manchester has one still I think.

  2. linecat....Thanks yes there is a scrap place near me.

  3. if it's a vintage fabric then i'd agree with liniecat. if it's a new, synthetic fabric then maybe "minky", which is sold here in the u.s. to make soft blankets.


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