Hurting fingers...........

Poor finch has hurting fingers,hes been busy! Nearly finished all my orders and then I can enjoy the festive period!! Then in the new year I can bury myself away and hibernate for a few weeks.
Cant wait.

Here's some little creatures from my work room. some are masked some are cloaked.
 The ones below are half busts that hang on the wall,they are my favourite thing at the moment and have a really lovely story telling atmosphere to them.

Others are from space.......

Hope everyone is feeling festive.!!
I wasn't until I unpacked some of the decorations and found some Christmas room spray from last year and have been running round the house with it.
Suddenly things are festive!!
In fairness I should have been feeling festive alot sooner than now as I have been making lots of wintery things for a while. Also have been munching on mince pies since they first hit the shops at the beginning of Oct.


  1. Who ate all the pies? LOL!

    My, no wonder your fingers are hurting!
    My wrists and fingers are aching, not just from stitching but, stuffing and stuffing pies into my mouth!
    Well, I hope you have a most excellent Christmas and a wonderful hibernation, come back with renewed and refreshed with inspiration for the next year.

    Sandie xx

  2. Totally adorable and always a little dark.... not surprised your fingers are hurting...I bet they all nibble at them as well while your stitching them up...rabbits are like that...
    Have a lovely break xx
    Lynn x

  3. You have done a lot of work , beautiful !
    Love ♥RINI♥

  4. A Zorrow like bunny! Wonderful ! No...brilliant lol

  5. I simply can't get enough of your mythic curiosities. I'd love a bunny for my bedroom (or two or five).


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