Happy Christmas............

I just wanted to say Thank you and Merry Christmas to all the people who follow and leave comments on my blog.
I cant always reply but do try but they do get all read and they are very much appreciated.
I'm still sewing and probably will right up to the day before Christmas eve but its all good.
I haven't even put the Christmas tree up yet will really try and get it up today!
I have all the boxes down from the attic but that's about as far as progress has gone!
The cats aren't complaining as they have new boxes to climb into.
What is it with cats and boxes?
Anyway here's a shot of a  trio of red caped foxes. I would put the red cape on Vivienne and get her/him to model it for you but she has a new hiding place which we cant seem to place.....
Just thought now maybe its in the Christmas tree box.....
Oh Vivienne.

These foxes are half busts and hang on the wall.

Wishing you all a fab festive time.



  1. You must stop.... have a mince pie put up some decorations before you notice its next week and youve missed it!
    The foxes look very dapper in their red cloaks dangerous even and sweet talking.....
    I suspect....they will be wearing your best masks soon.....
    Happy Christmas Mr Finch xx
    Lynn x

  2. Seasons greetings to you and yours and Vivienne of course! (She'll be in the tree box for sure!)

    Love the foxes, where I currently live, Leicestershire, the Fox is the County symbol or whatever you want to call it.

    See you in the New Year, maybe not literally, but, you never know.

    Sandie xx

  3. Thank you Mr Finch for making our world a little richer with your creativity ...

    ... wishing you and your family joy and peace and jolly good will for the year to come xx

  4. Mr Finch, just found your blog, wow, this is eyecandy ! Love everything !
    Happy Holidays ,

  5. My sister is interested in purchasing one of your wall hanging foxes-I visited your etsy shop and none available -do you have any for sale?-you can contact me at rosegarden.coss27@gmail.com-thanks


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