Camera problems......

Had a  nightmare with camera problems so will not bore you with them but I'm back and should be back to blogging more and hopefully faster.
The annoying thing is that Ive made things and now they are sold and gone and I have no images of them.
But I have been busy honest.
Here is a bit of the aftermath.........

Thankfully ive had Vivienne to help me out with all of this,she really is very helpful and kindly waves her paw when she thinks im going wrong.
Generally all cats are very good at the whole IT thing and Vivienne is no exception.
She can type 25 words a minute.
As helpfull as she is it can be a bit hard getting work done as she lies in my lap meowing orders which is fine but when she smokes it goes right in my face.

Those paws mean buisness.


  1. Top photo - I thought it was work in progress - two dolls sitting side by side, features not yet added to heads, or maybe even conjoined twins, wearing something like rabbit fur stoles, and photo kind of fuzzy and out of focus. Hahaha. :-)

    Love your moths.


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