Big Fox...........

This is the largest fox that Ive made to date and it does have its pros and cons with enlarging patterns.
You do have less small awkward areas to fill but then on the flip side you have to use a LOT of filling.
This fox I would say is slightly larger than life size.
The end of his tail and white bits under his chin and chest have been needle felted through the fabric which was a bit  of an experiment but it seemed to have worked quite well. It did take a while to do though!
Was trying to capture it today but couldn't get things quite right but will try again tomorrow but just wanted to share with you what Ive been up to.
 His ears are lined with a strange black sequined fabric that I found for that little bit of texture and edge of luxury.
I'm very pleased with him and I do prefer to have the foxes curled up against their tails as I see my cats do it all the time and I think its really lovely.

And then there always the outtakes that are always happening with Vivienne.....


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