Male and Female..........

As I have mentioned before I'm really into making 2 items at the same time and its working out well for me.
Not sure why so much but it really suits me and I'm just going with it.
An extension of this for my new little moth collection was to make and style them like mounted insects and almost like the are a Male and Female.
Its been nice to go back and forth on these little babies whilst Christmas work has kept me busy of late.

So here they are my first Male and Female moth go into my Etsy shop tomorrow at 8.30PM UK time 22nd Nov.
Each Sold Separately.


  1. OMG you really are amazing Finch!!! xx

  2. Love all!! Specially the two in the 2nd photo.
    Your works DO go so quick. I and my friend are always too late. :)

  3. Just saw this(via Pinterest), and am madly in love with them. Madly! Wonderful work.


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