March fungus....

I have a new fungus collection...these will all be going into my Etsy shop tomorrow evening on Friday 7pm UK time 21st March 2014
Each is made from cotton, thick wire and found objects...tightly stitched and then hand painted and stained with teas and inks.
Ive been working on them slowly since the new year and this is the largest collection Ive ever made of anything....
Average height is 30cm...
They are £220 each and come gift boxed.


  1. I really, really love your handmade art.....just absolutely great!!
    Kind regards from switzerland,

  2. Your work is wonderful, I'm sure you will do well.

  3. They are mysterious! With this collection of mushrooms you could do a kind of real catalogue for learners)))) great work!!!

  4. I just checked your Etsy shop and all of these are gone already!! Congrats but now I'm boo-hooing!

  5. I just wanna say i love your works!
    keep doing the wonderful job to uplift people imagination and moods whit your art.
    Have a great day!

  6. I just love your stuff, Mr Finch, although I will say that I find your 'dead birds' quite distressing as a bird lover!

  7. Hey, found you, looove it, you inspired me to start an own blog!
    Hugs from Méa

  8. A lovely collection! I adore it!

  9. I'm fascinated by the inks. They look like watercolors. Are they something special that is not opaque like the textile paints I'm familiar with?

  10. I just checked your Etsy shop and all of these are gone already!! Congrats but now I'm boo-hooing!

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  12. They are so beautiful, really good.
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