Moth hares............

Apologies for not blogging much on here........I'm using my face book page mostly now as it seems quicker to show and share images and just seems to be best for work at the moment.

Still doing lots of long days but I do love it.....a couple more creatures for The Imaginarium....Two Moths hares are nearly ready.....complete with antennae and two large and two smaller sets of wings....Have been wanting to make these for ages....

Rarely seen by humans moth hares are most active when the moon is fat and the nights are warm.
Initially created by witches as familiars these winged beasts are both powerful and mysterious. Legend tells of groups seen flying together at dusk.....


  1. I love these chimeric creatures!

    In a poetry class I am taking the idea of "moss piglets" came up and I am just so taken with the phrase. Doesn't that seem like a creature that ought to be rendered in textiles?

  2. Beautiful! They look so mysterious

  3. I love the way you have photographed them too .... wonderful. See you on facebook! x

  4. Hey Mr. Finch ...
    ... love your moths hares! Just magical!
    Karen B. ~ Todolwen

  5. I'm enchanted with these whimsical moth hares and their magical tale, such an inspiration

  6. Incredible!
    As long as they don't come crashing round my light while the door is open of an evening...

  7. So full of wonderment and mystery...I ♥ them! x

  8. I hope you will continue to update the blog as I don't have Facebook and I check here every day, I love your creations!

  9. I thought I spotted one the other night ~ flitting 'round the bittersweet vine near the lamplight...I put out a small dish of honeywater to tempt her closer but she wouldn't oblige. Hoping to have her visit once more ~
    please please please post more often.
    Blessed be,


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