Just the right sized box.....

I get asked a lot if I collect insects and ....well I do. Not the kind that are beautifully displayed behind glass tho.
Whilst they are very beautiful to look at I like to know that the insect has died naturally so I collect the dead insects that I find.....
I keep them in tiny vintage cardboard jewellery cases.....which for me is perfect for them and slightly more poetic.Whilst moths are great to find the 'bestest' find are large fat bumblebees...


  1. What a great collection!! I keep finding some unique specimens (Like dried lizards with incredible toes, mantas and dragonflies, etc... :) but my husband will not allow me to bring them home :(
    Probably because the boat is small and I think dried out little things aren't very appealing to him... all I see is beauty and serious coolness! :)))

  2. I think theres more real value to the moth in the samuels box than any gold or silver frankly.

  3. Wonderful collection and such inspiration for your work.

    Love Chrissie xx

  4. Have you see this? You can check what you have and if there's anything rare let the Bumblebee Trust know. They have another fuller guide downloadable.


  5. This little post warmed my heart, so much more meaning in the little ones you find than any grand jungle caterpillar of 832 colours in a fancy frame.
    I'm always charmed by your aesthetic!

  6. Such beautiful creatures. When I find them I prefer to wrap them in a flower or leaf and give them back to the Earth. :) I love your work.

  7. I'm remembering all the dead insects I used to see in my years of gardening and the little bit of sadness at each one, keeping them in these boxes as you do somehow seems fitting for them. The moth at the top of your blog is wonderful.

  8. Just found you through dear Corey Amaro's post today. In ecstatic revere finding your phenomenally moving work. What you make is absolutely thrillingly beautiful.

    A new fan.


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