Last to wrap.......

Well this is the last of the gifts I have made recently just getting her wrapped up ...and this is also the last photo I have taken before I officially finish work to everyone who follows me here and elsewhere thanks so much!
Hope you have a great festive time.......

p.s...its not that the moth is huge its that the table is tiny...x


  1. Love the feather feelers! Ace idea!
    Merry Crimble and all that fun stuff : )

  2. Fantastic! As always. Have a very Merry Christmas Mister Finch. Minerva x

  3. Oh my gosh! I just want to stroke it!

  4. omg, I wonder what one should do to become your friend and get a gift like this one! (joking of course, I know it is not about doing anything)^^ quite a difference from socks or a tie! Happy Christmas from Poland!

  5. Feliz Navidad desde Puppetilandia en Barcelona! un beso y felices fiestas

  6. I did believe —for a moment there— that the table was very large. :)
    Just discovered this place of yours, and can't wait to peruse it!

    Happy end of the year to you!


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