Huge moth............

Check out this moth that was found in the UK!
Love it! Wish it was me that had found it!
Anyway just thought I would do a quick blog entry and say that I'm making things even if I appear to be quiet.
Have lots to make for Christmas so will have images when I'm allowed to show them....
Also will have new things for my Etsy shop around Mon-Tues all being well.


  1. Sensational!! I am just crazy about giant moths!! :) Hope you have a fantastic season... I have a feeling you will :)

  2. I am mad about Moths too, and this one is magnifico! I'm always sad that many people are scared of them, and happy that you make such good models of them. : ~ ) It is fab that this one has left so many offspring behind after his all too short life. x

  3. We had them in a butterfly house near my apartment once -- I would go and sit in the butterfly house and they would come land on me, they are a very friendly sort of moth.


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