Moth sisters...........

Blossom moth sisters by ohmisterfinch

A new set of moths these are all made from hand stitched sampler.
The threads are wool I think?
They are quite thick but they look so nice,I'm really pleased with this set.
If somebody asked me do I like Purple I would say 'not really' but then I see choices that I have made recently that all have quite a lot of Purple in them.
I think its when its with other colours that I like it the most.
The colours in this sampler were brilliant and it combinations of colours that I wouldn't have put together myself but work really beautifully.
This set of moths will go into my Esty shop at 6pm UK time today.


  1. Fantastic!! If at all possible, you have outdone yourself!! They are gorgeous!!!

  2. i seriously hate moths
    i seriously love these
    x ... ****
    been sewing up a 'breeze'
    at mine too: but completely abstract}

  3. again these are just beautiful and amazing. xo

  4. How whimsical yet realistic at the same time. Brilliant!

  5. I LOVE your work! You have magic hands I think. I've been covetting something created (or should I say 'conjured') by you for ages. Just need to save some mroe pennies .... have a lovely break and look forward to your return. Minerva x

  6. These moths I love - you make beautiful things :)


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