Oil painting..........

Moths amde from an old oil painting. by ohmisterfinch
These moths are made from an old oil painting.
when I first saw it it was in a real state and I nearly didn't get it as I thought it was a bit to damaged.
The painting had holes ,rust and the frame had punctured through the canvas.
However I'm glad that I did pick it up and after a dust,gentle wash and strengthen with thick cotton I was able to make these little babies.
The painting was of a rock out to sea with looming storm clouds and seagulls.
I finished it with a Matt varnish to keep the paint from flaking off.
A very satisfying project as I hate things being thrown away that have life in them. I especially like all the nails holes that I left after it was removed from the frame.


  1. Recycling at it's best! Love 'em!

  2. They are perfect! Beautiful tones and textures!

  3. Thankyou both very much.
    They do have really great textures and the colours are so soft and muted.
    Ill not talk about the dust all over everything as I fed them through the sewing machine.x

  4. Your work is amazing...I love it!!

  5. You mean they coem with their own covering of dust too?
    Hell theyd fit in so well here amongst my own dust!

  6. These are deeply beautiful. You have designed richly satisfying forms with sublime color.

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