inky inky.......

Here's some pics of new butterflies I have made....
I know I usually call them moths but when they are colourful I guess that makes the butterflies.
I do appreciate colour but in my work I am in a bit of a white/cream/tea stain rut so I have made and effort to stick a limb out of my comfort zone and try and be more experimental.
I really enjoyed doing them and using inks was refreshing and sparks off lots of ideas for new things.
Lots and I mean lots of trial and error later these are some of the ones that made it.
Just thinking what to do with the casualties of ink war.....


In my Shop now......


  1. Really beautiful!! How about you let us all have a peek at the 'casualties' and see if perhaps they are not casualties at all, but beautiful accidents. So often what we think is a failure, others see as brilliant and beautiful :)

  2. Thank you both,inky hands,ikny desk,inky cats!

  3. They're gorgeous! Maybe you could throw the others in a vat of dye?

  4. What beauties, do you spray them?
    Cant quite see if youve sprayed round the bodies abit, but if not, could you spray another colour on top of the casualties? Or 3 or 4 colours.
    I agree with MaryL.......what you might consider a casualty, we might view as uniquely-more-original and besides.......I kind of like Waifs, Strays and Misfits!
    They could be an alternative 'wsm' breed..that fly only at night, or on odd days of the

  5. No they have turned out very dark and horrible not going to be used.
    Im going to take the stuffing out when they are dry.
    No not sprayed,inks and waters teas and other under the sink chemicals!

  6. Love the choice of colours.
    It's good to 'branch out' and experiment...there will always be 'casualities' I suppose?

    Happy creating,
    Sandie xx

  7. give me the casualties and I will wear them in my hair!

  8. Thanks Sandie.x
    Mary the moths are 30cm wide i think theyt would have been to large to go in your

  9. these are wonderful! love your asthetic. what material do you use? I've been using muslin on my dolls and some linen & tea dyeing but doesn't always take .

  10. Your butterflies (moths) are fantastic and beautiful. I would love to buy some,. But the link to your shop doesn't work. Could you please give me your web address. My email address


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