Night night birdy birdy..........

Have been making lots of the same thing lately which is fine but you do have to break things up a bit otherwise it can make you a little crazy.
Or in my case alot crazy.
I really wanted to do a new collection of dead birds for Halloween but just couldn't get them done.
Have been trying to perfect each little pattern which is tricky. I know that you should follow the bias of fabrics etc but because use I embroidery and old details in the fabric its not always easy, so am at the mercy of what I can cut out of certain pieces. Some days because of this nothing works out other days I can fly through work.
Anyway a new bird from a new pattern with new little feet using new methods.
Have used florists tape on the feet and legs.
Abby Glassenberg does this with her birds feet effortlessley so I owe her the credit for using tape for my birds,her owls are to die for.


  1. Gorgeous - florists tape comes in so hand for lots of things doesn't it.

    I just adore the expressions you manage to create in all the faces of your 'creatures' work. Really clever

  2. It feels strange to say....this dead bird you have made is lovely......see what I mean...but it is beautiful. I love the pictures of birds in the Harvard museum book they all seem to lay like this as if they have just fallen to have managed to capture that illusive look .
    well done xx

  3. ...I would have to say that all birds, when they die, aspire to look like yours. Beautiful.

    ...Blessings :o)

  4. Thankyou everyone for your kind words.

  5. You have captured such delicate beauty even in death. Well done!

  6. Even in dead I love this bird !
    Love ♥RINI♥


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