Fabric you save for yourself for ever and never use.................

I'm terrible for doing this. Saving a piece of fabric for myself to make something out of for myself.
And do I use it....er no.
I just stash it away with everything else and rob myself of valuable space.
I do have some little pieces that I have kept but being realistic I'm just hoarding again.
I'm terrible at hoarding.I try and try not to but its just in me. Since I had a big sort out in my studio and had everything clean and tidy and organised I feel a ton better and its lovely to work here now. I feel I can breathe easier. I can probably breathe easier due to the fact that's its not dusty anymore!
I had this piece of fabric that I really liked a large sample from Sanderson.
Sanderson fabric is definitely one of my favourites. Its heavy sews beautifully and when you stuff it shapes so well.
Ive made 3 bugs from it. For myself.
Then realised that I really don't have anywhere to put them.
Oh Finch!
Ive put them in my etsy shop.

These are all made form the same piece. It had so many different things going on in the fabric.
A story,flowers,branches leaves and swirls.


  1. They are gorgeous - all so different. There is something about fabric that brings out the hoarder in one; I don't really hoard anything else, just fabric. And maybe shells. And sea glass. Oh...

  2. Wow ! You are amazingly talented- Love the insects x

  3. Gorgeous!! I can see why you wanted these for yourself... :))) Sensational!!

  4. Amazing how one fabric can lend so many designs. Your newest creations are wonderful. I am trying to "use the good stuff" but it is so hard as I want to save it...but I shall probably expire before I ever get to if I don't use it NOW. September surrenders...

  5. Magnifiques petites bêtes ! A bientôt

  6. I love these ... and yes ... I keep fabrics to use for 'special' ... silly me. (But nice to stroke!)

  7. haunting work, i just found you - love it ! xxxx

  8. You have a staggering talent. Finch, I doff my cap to you. I find so much of what you do to be wonderful, but these pieces are so covetable that it hurts.


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