Flying fish....

Ive always loved flying fish,whats not to love?
A fish that flies.....well glides. They have been recorded at leaving the sea for up to 45 secs traveling up to 400m,and gliding at heights of 20ft at 43mph!
When time allows I like to set myself a new pattern to make something a bit tricky.As with everything at the moment with me its made from old cottons and stained with teas. The veins on the wings are all sewn in by machine and he peers through pearly button eyes.

I know he would probably look better in blues and greens but I like the colours of the teas and the dark threads, it makes things look like 3D illustrations.
Almost like a scientific prop.
His wings are stiffened by recycled plastic cartons and his bead and wire joints make his fins movable.
I don't know why somethings are boys and some are girls............hes a boy.


  1. Oh I love him ... let the girls wear the blues and greens!

    Really love the bead and wire joints too ... genius ...

  2. Thanks very much, now I want to make a flock and have them flying over my bed!

  3. Love flying fish. Real ones and now fabric ones too! As a teenager, I saw a school of flying fish move alongside a boat I was on. Amazing, exciting, memorable. Great choice of subject. Perfect fishy eyes. Clever use of the recycled plastic bottles.

  4. Chantal,thanks alot.
    I would love to see them in the flesh-how amazing.

  5. my husband LOVES flying fish and, we came upon your site through pinterest--love this! thanks for your art & work . . and, artwork!


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