Okay so I'm still gonna go on about inspiration.....
I did many years ago it seems paint and its one of those things that when you get into it it stands alone as something utterly magical. Ive always made things in some way and have dipped in and out of many mediums along the way which at the time proved in some ways confusing as I couldn't settle on one. But now I see it as so incredibly helpful being able to make things and dip in and out of different approaches on one piece.Painting a canvas and putting all of yourself into it is so odd and delicious that its almost hard to describe,and possibly the only way of understanding it would be to arrive at this place yourself. You may well very well already arrive at this destination through your craft but painting always and still is stand alone for me.
I don't paint at the moment and in some ways I don't miss it but know that at some point I will again and bizarrely I'm fine with that!
There is one painter I wanted to show you and you may well have heard of him as he is actually really well known and at the same time not if that makes sense.
His name is Jame Jean.
His work is unbelievable to me and if I'm honest was only introduced to his work when he did commercial work for Prada. Do you remember the black and white illustration work he did for them?

I do like them but they aren't really thing.

Anyway look at his other stuff....

Fab aren't they.
Anyway this still isn't my point.......bare with me!
On his website he has a section called 'sketch' have a look through these.
Its so illuminating being able to go through someones sketchbooks as I think that they are so personal and really give you an inside look at everything.
He also photographs the exterior of the book before you have a look in which again I find utterly delightful.
If ever you feel yourself with a block creatively or want incredible colour combinations look through these.
There are quite a few and some of them are long but I promise that you will see things that are amazing.
Luckily I don't often suffer with any creative blockage but if I feel a bit flat I look through these and within minutes I'm back with lots of inspiration.
I hope that you will see something that you love.

Let me know.

P.s       2001 leather is my favourite !


  1. Wow. He has amazing techinical skills but also incredible soul in his drawings. I've run out of time but will have to go back - so far my favourite is p15 of Linen A 2001. It has me mesmerized.

  2. Glad you like him,I do think hes a bit amazing!


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