Sorry that ive not blogged in what seems forever but I have been busy and I have been making things and I have had camera and computer problems!!
But hopefully all being well I can make regular posts and keep you up to date with things.Been changing the patterns and tweaking colours ect.
Have a look and tell me what you think.

Some new birds Ive been working on, the magpies I have made previously where very slow to sell so as much as I loved them they weren't a money spinner.
So Ive changed the pattern and used a more neutral colour palette.
I'm pleased with them.
Most of the new things Ive made are going to a stall I'm doing in a couple of weeks.

Again the hares have changed this time with different placement of ears and arms which can really change the moods of the pieces.
The eyes are different on everything now a more sleepy look which I like.

Vivienne with new bird head pincushions.

the chaos which is my work room...


  1. Your rabbits are so perfect, and the two headed bird and the pincusion head. Love them all.

  2. I didn't find anything for sale in your shop. Do you have that black pincusion head? How much does it cost? Perfect x-mas gift for my doll maker husband if it's affordable.

  3. I will be adding things to my shop very soon just getting things sorted out for winter.
    The pincushion head in the dark grey/black is the large one it will be £25.
    All my new stuff is getting photographed first then hopefully going into my shop on Etsy.
    Thanks for your compliments and feedback its much appreciated.


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