birds and the bees.........

Here's my first batch of finished insects which are going to an interior shop on Thursday.
I think i'm going to miss some of them!
My favourite ones are the spiders.....they are proving difficult to photograph well.

The magpies are going to the same shop,I get the impression that people do like them but its a very superstitious thing.
I think im going to sell them in pairs...........

Here they all are ready to get packed up.

Oh Sidney!

*cue Jaws theme

Next i want to start doing some insects with wings..........i like this little fellow.
i love the colour of his wings.

I say little fellow,these guys get quite big and they are called 'Tarantula hawk wasp' and yep they prey on tarantulas!
It delivers a sting which is rated among the most painful in the insect world.


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