Autumn friends......

I have a collection of spiders and beetles going to my etsy shop tomorrow evening 7PM UK time 6th Mon October....
£249 each
Please see image of spider with hand to get an idea of scale.
Ive missed making insects and its been great to be able to get back to it.
Each is made with vintage needlework and is stuffed very tightly. The legs are bound in layers and layers of floral tape, crepe and tissue paper and glue.
Here's a link to my etsy shop..


  1. Dear Mr. Finch - YOU are Spiderman, in fact - now I know :))
    You inspired my hole week, thank you so much,
    have a spidery day, Méa from Hamburg

  2. You have to be the only person on earth who can make a spider seem cute to me :o)

  3. just found your works and love it! Working with 'flat' material I enjoy your work in 3 dimentions, amitié, Martine

  4. That's wicked. I bet there's more of those. Hahaha! It's probably a challenge keeping tabs on all those. I hope you've got all those inventoried, 'coz those are bound to sell fast. Good luck!

    Clyde Hudson @ Stewart Technologies, Inc.

  5. Just magical - that mixture of Victorian curiosity, great beauty and bit of creepiness! Am going to buy your book right now...This has made my weekend, it truly has... I wish I were surrounded by this universe all the time instead of formica/stainless steel/sterile insect-phobic one that seems to be the norm!

  6. Wow! Great job, beautiful blog!

  7. Just found your blog. Insects; one of my favorite subjects. Enchanting Mr. Finch!

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