I have a few pieces that I have been working on ....I wanted to cross some of my creatures with fungus and flowers....as they wait for Spring and awake from their sleep....strange sort of hybrids....

They seem to look best simply lent against a wall, mantle...or in a large glass dome maybe...
They will go into my Etsy shop tomorrow evening Thursday 13th Feb at 7.30pm UK time
£389 each


approx sizes.....48cm x 24cm


  1. Your work is so beautiful and amazing. I'm not on Facebook but I always check what you are working on, or what small or big treasures you have found on the web or in real life. Since I can't comment on Facebook I'll sum it up here. I love your work and the way you seem to look at things. It's hard to put into words without starting to sound creepy, but I hope you understand what I mean. :) You know that game, where one picks guest for a dinner, well you would definately be on my list, Mister Finch!

  2. They are wonderful, I particularly like the hare..hopefully he will emerge soon with the first signs of spring after his long hibernation :)

  3. Mi piace sei molto bravo!! Anto

  4. these are exquisite. crouching creatures that are surreal, mystical, poetic & heartfelt. as i have said on your fb page they pull on my heart strings in many ways. one day i will own one. i'll be waiting, hand on my mouse. and i'll win! i make lovely little journals perhaps i could trade you part of it. have a think. ;)

  5. I love how your mind (and fingers) works. Incredibly beautiful and inspiring as always..thank you for sharing.

  6. Beautifully magical works. Absolutely stunning and inspiring pieces. Thank you for sharing!


  7. Lové the beauty you créate here, your header bird is soulfully moving, I so need one.

    Thank to for adding beauty to the world of artist.



  8. grat blog , great job !!!
    upcycling is cool

  9. They're beautiful. Such a lovely concept!

  10. extraordinary - showed my students partly to see what kind of work is inspiring folk, and partly just to debunk the myth about stitching being womin's work. And to show that can be done - confidently following your imagination.... lovely

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