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Thursday, 7 March 2013


Easter..it will be soon here. Ive been making hares and rabbits non stop for a while now.
Here's a sneaky pic of one of the new style upright hares Ive been working on.
More details to follow and more pics too when I have sewn their tails on..!


  1. aw he is gorgeous... I want him! Hoping you will be adding to your Etsy soon :O)

  2. Thanks Hels,it maybe a little while before i can make again for Etsy i do miss doing it tho.x

  3. A gracious hare.......somehow.....just delightful
    Did you get tickets for the NEC then, meant to ask you

    1. I wanted to go but things are a but to hectic at the moment. im goona still see what i can do.x

  4. He's wonderful -- looks so touchable!

  5. Love those ears. Glad I was pointed in the direction of this blog.

  6. Beautiful features on this hare, can't wait to see more.

    Love Chrissie x

  7. изумительная работа!!!! dizzily! strikingly! love your blog!

  8. Oh My! I LOVE your rabbit. he speaks to me of old toy rabbits in my grandma's attic.

  9. I love love love your work, totally! So skilled and these creatures are magical.

  10. This rabbit is wonderful, i am falling in love by this pictures

    hugs from sylvia

  11. So much magic in your hares and rabbits. Just love this fellow!

  12. Mr. Finch,
    Your wonderful creations have captured my heart! I am a huge fan of rabbits and collect them selectively when I can fit it into my budget. I will be dreaming of adding one of your very special bunnies to my collection someday. Thanks so much for sharing. Peace to your heart, Sara