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Friday, 27 January 2012

Barn Owls...........

Ive been wrestling with making owls for ages and have at last made a pattern that I'm happy with.
I know owls are very common on the craft scene but as most of my work is based on English Folklore owls should be apparent in it.
I especially wanted to do a version of Barn owls as the their natural colouring is the colours that I love to use in my work. Beautiful whites ,creams and browns.
Struggling with getting images taken in the gloomy days at the moment so I know they could be a bit brighter.


  1. ...Wow. Just wow.

    ...The owl in flight? *swoons* :o)


  2. I love them...they are totally awesome:)

  3. As Mary-Ann said, "AWESOME!"

    I might have to save some pennies and get myself and my Sister one each of these!!!!

    Your best art/sculpture yet me thinks!

    Have a great weekend,

    Sandie xx

  4. Thankyou everyone for your kind comments.xx

  5. Just been on your Etsy shop, the Barn owls aren't listed yet! B****r!
    Would you let me know how much they cost and p&p please, pretty please?

    Sandie xx

  6. oh me oh my ... Finch ...

    my middle name is Athene so I quite like a folklorey classical owl ...

    ... Love barn owls because they're not cute, they're quite alien ...

    ... yours are ethereal and deeply disturbingly wise yet seemingly slightly baffled. I like that.

    I'd love to see a sideways-on flying owl ... They are so great in profile ... agree about the colour tones - yum ...

  7. Totally captivating, you are sooooo very very clever x

  8. Yes....these are going to be a saleable item! Stunning.....................stunning....I will have to give one a home..........get them priced up soon please lol and a flying guy too.......bliss!

  9. Fabulous! I want one too....
    Julie x

  10. these are beautiful...not just them but how you've put them together...unworldly.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. i like how youve captured their melancholy expressions

  13. incredible work! I'm new to your blog and am enjoying a gentle browse around the place :)

    re lighting, although I've yet to try one, I've seen talk of lightscoops crop up a bit lately - might help. lightscoop.com i think is where the main blurb is

    okay, I'm away to continue browsing...

  14. Oh my!! Beautiful...all of it! I am in love iwth your work