Butterfly Beetles.................

Here's a couple of beetles from this weeks table.
These are made with little butterfly samplers that I had. Admittedly I have had them a while and wasn't really sure what to do with them as they were small and round and a little delicate.
I think they make a nice feature,beetles and butterflies together.Perfect.

The next insect/bug I'm thinking of doing is a Vinegaroon.
Beautiful,I love them,they do look slightly terrifying but if you look at them on the Internet there are tons of pictures of people holding them.
They feed on cockroaches and crickets so are valuble as pest control.

Black leather and iron wire me thinks.


  1. The butterflies make them seem... a bit romantic I think...

    I like it!!

  2. Love the butterfly beetles...I have a feeling they are going to fly right out of your shop...no pun intended! :))) That other bug is indeed terrifying looking!! Not sure I wouldn't rather have the cockroaches to tell the truth... scary!

  3. Hi!
    As I discovered your little beasts I thought about an art work I have made 10 years ago.
    My "insects" are also "elves" or "mummified cat miniatures"...
    This is a link if you want to see: http://farm7.static.flickr.com/6023/5930835071_a5ceae7e24_b.jpg
    If the link doesn't work, you can ask me to: http://cocco-com.blogspot.com/
    You've got a nice creative work and I'm happy to know it.
    (I hope my english isn't too bad ;-)

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. just found your blog by hopping around ;o)
    I love the little critters you make...they are awesome!
    I posted a few photo's on my blog
    check it out and let me know if you are oke with it..if not I will remove....
    greetz from a wet holland

  6. Coco lovely stuff reallly fab!
    Anna thanks veru much for blogging about me that's really kind of you-thanks!!!

  7. Thank you Mister Finch.

    Anna, lots of nice things on your blog;-)

  8. Thanks very kind of you Cocco and mr. Finch


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